Heartland Express

Heartland Express Trucking Jobs

The people are the company, Heartland is simply the place.” Understanding that the driver has the hardest job in the company offers a unique perspective on how a company treats its drivers. Taking care of our drivers is a top priority for us, an attitude driven into each and every employee from the top down.

Commitment to being an industry leader with top pay, new equipment, and the home time you need are a few more things that set Heartland apart from the rest.

But the true advantage of Heartland Express is the people!

Heartland offers various dedicated and regional dedicated positions in various markets throughout the country.

Heartland Express takes great pride in its modern, state of the art fleet of tractors and trailers. Satellite monitoring allows our operation and our customer’s critical information exchange capabilities while shipments are in route.

Heartland’s entire tractor fleet consists of International 9400i’s and International Pro Stars. These models offer significantly more interior room, have aluminum alloy front wheels, engine brakes, and 300-gallon fuel capacity.