MCT Trucking Jobs

MCT’s fleet is mainly comprised of independent contractors. We’ve been successful with this business structure for over 60 years. When you choose to lease your equipment with MCT, you choose to become a profitable business partner with one of the most respected carriers in the country.

MCT Independent Contractors haul perishable and general commodities for a solid base of shippers in a 48 state operation.

What’s in it for you?
  • Longhaul and regional opportunities available. You can maximize your income with MCT because we keep trucks moving, hauling driver-friendly freight for our base of high-quality customers.
  • Fleet Manager Operations for maximum efficiency and miles. Operations efficiency for maximum miles.
  • Liberal, year-round passenger program. Take your child, spouse, or friend with you.
  • Opportunity: Find your own good deals on equipment or work with dealers who have pricing for MCT people on new, nicely spec’d equipment to upgrade your rig or build a fleet of your own.
  • Stability and experience: MCT is a mature, financially stable company with experienced people and proven systems. We’ve been in this business since 1949.
  • MCT’s involvement in safety activities is extensive. Our programs reward drivers and recognize their accomplishments. Our commitment to proper training, safe practices, and talented individuals have contributed to our outstanding safety record, as well as lower costs for MCT’s truck owners and drivers.
  • We practice an open-door policy. To keep you informed and to understand the challenges that you face on the road, open two-way communication is vital. Any problems, just call or stop in.
  • The technology utilizes your equipment effectively and profitably. Our dispatch uses the latest computer technology and Qualcomm satellite communications to help utilize your equipment more efficiently and get you home as often as possible.

We have both solo trucks and teams running in our operation. We use in-cab communications to conveniently relay information back and forth about the loads you choose. Plus, your family can keep in touch with you easily.

$ Compensation

We offer a mileage compensation plan.

We also pay:
  • 100% of permits and 100% of the plate for OTR fleet.
  • Reimbursement for reefer fuel.
  • Pay for each pickup and drop, excluding first and last. Pay for loading and unloading.
  • We have a compensation program for tolls.
  • Fuel surcharge paid on all miles.
Other benefits to help you run profitably:
  • We have national accounts with the major tire manufacturers so you can buy tires at a fleet rate.
  • We have fuel stops set up nationwide so you can charge fuel at prices below the cash price.
  • We work with different truck dealers and finance people to make equipment available to MCT people at great savings.
  • We offer a driver payroll service that will calculate and administer your drivers’ payroll for you, report taxes, and compute the fuel taxes you owe each state. This greatly simplifies your paperwork and reduces your cost of operation.
  • We offer a bookkeeping service that allows you to focus on your business and to evaluate each month how your business is operating.
  • We will submit your truck payments for you to free your time.
  • We offer computer access to help you better manage your business.

We process settlements once a week and they are paid by the trip. We can mail the settlements or direct deposit them for you. All credits and charges are neatly and clearly itemized for your convenience.

If you have equipment leased to MCT, you must have Worker’s Compensation. You have a choice of providing certificates indicating you currently have Bobtail and Worker’s Compensation coverage OR you can obtain the insurance through MCT’s group plan at very economical rates.

Health, life and other insurances are available for Independent Contractors, their drivers, and their families.

At MCT, we have a loyal base of truck owners with many years of service to the company. The bottom line is we keep our people satisfied.