RWI Trucking Jobs

RWI Transportation has been delivering quality transportation services for decades. Years ago, we established our first fleet, consisting entirely of owner/operators. Today, quality owner/operators continue to be key to our rapidly growing business. If you know the business of trucking and stand out in the crowd, you should consider working with RWI.

We offer:
  • The Shipments and Miles To Keep You Moving
  • The Tools and Support To Make You More Efficient


The Shipments and Miles To Keep You Moving.

RWI has consistent, contractual freight to keep your trucks moving. You can get a dispatch out of key markets such as Wilmington, DE, Gulfport, MS and many metro areas in the Midwest, as well as long-haul choices between Ohio, Texas and the West Coast or Northwest. RWI also offers a variety of freight to match your specific business plan, and all shipments are “no touch” freight. A big plus: RWI always pays on practical miles.

The Tools and Support To Make You More Efficient.

Having access to the right tools can be the difference between reaching your goal or completely missing your mark. That why RWI provides you with the tools and resources to get the job done:

  • Equipment leasing options
  • Qualcomm communication and tracking systems
  • Prepass
  • Convenient on-site or in-vehicle Transflow scanning options for fast settlement.
  • American Truck Business services (tax service, back office services, financial leasing support)