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Sargent Trucking has been in business since 1983 serving the United States and Canada. We have over fifty-five offices and agents through out the United States and Canada. At Sargent we offer the very best combination of people, process, and technology to provide our customers the very best solutions that fit their needs and objectives. Our goal is not to provide one particular service that we offer, but to provide the right solutions that meet our customers needs. Sargent provides shippers with a balanced portfolio of transportation and logistics services through out its broad motor carrier and freight brokerage operations. These operations are connected across the U.S. and Canada through one of the industry’s most diverse networks of Company Offices and Agents who specialize in delivering logistic solutions to there customers. Our employee’s and agents have the flexibility and decision making skills to assess each of our customers service and cost requirements and implement the best transportation solution for every shipment. We realize that each solution we provide and each relationship that we have with our customers is unique.

In addition to a complement of trucks, trailers and company drivers and owner operators, Sargent has contracts with more then 28000 outside motor carriers. This combination of resources enables our seasoned freight professionals/coordinators to pickup and manage any of your Transportation and/or Logistics needs.

In March of 2007 Sargent Trucking was merged with Roadrunner Transportation Services (RRTS) a $375 Million non asset based Transportation Company, headquartered out of Milwaukee Wisconsin, which specializes in Less Then Truckload Shipments (LTL). Collectively both companies, under the Roadrunner Transportation Services Holdings, Inc. corporate umbrella, combine for approximately $550 Million in revenue.